Yes the big day has finally arrived. Look who is finally one. To guide you through this process of planning the best first birthday party for your boy, consider going through our list of must-read tips. This milestone event is the first big occasion for your baby’s life and you may want to invest a large sum for hosting it. But it is important for parents to keep in mind that your one year old will hardly have any memory of this event. So try and make it unique and creative but not too hard on the pocket. As for baby clothes you can choose adorable party wears for boys at

Choosing the right venue for the party:

When selecting a suitable venue for your party it is necessary to consider the number of guests that will be attending your event. Although we advise to keep it simple by scaling down on the guest list to prevent your baby from being too overwhelmed by it all and also to save on costs but that largely depends on individual circumstances. If you are only going to have a few close friends and family members as guests then you can easily host it at your home or backyard (even more so if the weather is especially nice). But if your guest list is going to be longer than that you might want to have it a hall or a local pizza place or café.

Give out the invitations early:


It is time to decorate and send out the invitations once you have the date and the venue decided. It is best to give out the invitations to your boy’s first birthday as early as possible.

One great way is to make some “do-it-yourself” invitation cards or get the templates downloaded from various websites to add a personal touch to them. If you have a theme decide for your baby’s first birthday party or want to dress your child in extraordinarily adorable costumes, you can get them online in numerous options.

Deciding on a suitable birthday menu for kids:


The best party foods for your boy’s first birthday are having a buffet of finger foods which can be enjoyed by kids as well as parents. Also, when choosing party plates and other supplies remember to get them in various cute colors and in different sizes ranging from big to small for all kinds of guests.

Have food that are served in small portions to avoid wastage like mini sandwiches, cocktail sausages, small wraps, fruit platters, mini pizzas, rainbow salads and other such similar items.